We welcome all new students and their parents to our lovely school. We are an inclusive school and will accept all students, provided we can support their needs. 

We know enrolling in a new school is an exciting time and nervous time for students. Our transition processes will help students settle in to SBB in the best possible way.


 ‘New Students’ are students who enter at the beginning or mid-semester and come transfer from another school or are enrolling in a school for the very first time. 

   Students shall be:

(a) the children of employees, contractors or business partners of  PT AMNT having residential facilities in the Townsite to the age of 3-17 years  (“Staff Students”), or (b) children living off-site where either they or one of their parents are holders of an international passport (“Off-Site Students”).



Class sizes are based on available facilities and classrooms.  Each classroom varies in size and so numbers are variable. In general, classes will be limited to a maximum of 20 students per class with an extra 2  spaces reserved for possible intake of PT AMNT and Business Partners’ staff students throughout the academic year.

New Students shall be enrolled at Sekolah Buin Batu based on the following priority order:

Children of AMNT’s employees who are provided with housing and living on Townsite.

Children of AMNT’s business partners and contractors who are provided with housing and living on Townsite.

Other students from off-site, provided places exist and they meet the enrolment criteria set out in Point 8 of the policy below.  All external enrolments will be individually approved by the Yayasan Board.