One of the key elements of our mission is to contribute to the community

We value building relationships with our community, not only for the help and support we can provide to others; but for the benefits it brings to our own students. Through contributing to the community, our students develop empathy and connection to others. Our students become more socially responsible and develop skills to solve real world problems.

Purpose of Community Service / Service Learning

By addressing real and authentic community needs, the Community Service programme at SBB aims to provide opportunities for our students as individuals, and as part of the Buin Batu community, to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their community and their world.

The purpose of Sekolah Buin Batu community service is to:

* Meet our mission of contributing to the community

* Develop relationships between the school and community; provide diversified experiences for students

* Support the mission statements of AMNT

* Foster self-discipline, responsibility, respect, empathy and compassion for others

* Provide a structure and vertical alignment to community service program

* Provide guidance to teachers for curriculum development

Accepted Forms of Community Service:

The following list is a sample only and may include many other activities not noted here:

  • Coaching sports for youth

  • Charity/philanthropic work

  • Tutoring/mentoring

  • Working with disabled citizens

  • Fundraising; clothes/food drive

  • Supporting townsite clinic

  • Supporting townsite organizations

  • Supporting community organizations outside of townsite

  • Clean up activities - beach; townsite

  • Visiting other schools in the community

  • Member of Paskibra - Flag Raising Ceremony Team

  • Environmental action

  • School action - example Stop Bullying awareness Program


Each year level will make a commitment to integrate service in their curriculum.

Each year level will participate in a minimum of one community service project per year.

Community Service projects should be age appropriate. Example Early Years may choose a project to support SBB school keep the school grounds clean.

MYP community service may be integrated with requirements of MYP personal projects.