Guiding Principles for the School Board

School board members are nominated by the Head of School and Chairperson of the Yayasan. Their tenure on the board is for one year and may be renewed each year.

The SBB board consists of:

Head of School - ex officio

2 Ex-pat parents

2 Indonesian parents

1 Chairman of Yayasan

General Manager

AMNT representative

Schedule of Board Meetings

The School Board meets once per term and on a needs basis a special situation arises. (example COVID-19 response)

Guiding Principles for the School Board

  • The Board’s primary focus is student achievement and success. There will be a consistent effort to eliminate barriers to learning for all students through a comprehensive education program.

  • The Board will promote the shared responsibility of education with parents, community and students.

  • The Board will implement a technology supported educational program that promotes creativity, individualism and diversity.

  • The Board recognizes the importance and value of early childhood development and education on student achievement and success.

  • The Board oversees a systematic, budgeting process to ensure successful operation of our school.

  • The Board recognises that professional learning (Professional Development) opportunities are essential for all staff.

  • The foundation of organizational health and success is trust relationships – The Board commits to clear, open communication that builds personal and public confidence in the work we do with and for our learners.

  • Parents and the broader community are our partners in education - The Board ensures that they are given meaningful roles in helping to shape the educational experience provided to students.

  • We care deeply about the results of our work - that is evident when we seek to access and use credible information to develop plans, to measure progress and to inform decision-making​.


Pak Wudi Rahjarjo - General Manager

Sunarto Suwito - Indonesian Parent Representative Hi everyone, My name is Sunarto Suwito (Sun) and It is an honor & a pride for me to be a member of the SBB Board. With the existing experience, I will give my best for the success of our SBB. There are 3 important elements/roles in achieving our maximum results in SBB: the school itself , Student & Parents. The three of elements must work together so that the SBB's vision and mission can be achieved.

Buin Batu School is an important asset for the company and of course also for the region. With the existing vision, mission and values, we are all committed so that SBB can provide the best for the success of our children

Pak Anju Siantur - Indonesian Parent Representative Hello, my name is Pak Anju Sianturi, as a parent to my three daughters currently attending Sekolah Buin Batu, I am delighted ot be part of the school board and working with other members in setting strategic direction for the school in the coming years. With my background in accounting, I hope I can bring financial focus to the board and ensure the school can meets its future objectives.

Mr. Wayne Perry - Ex-pat Parent Representative Hi everyone my name is Wayne Perry, as a parent and member of our local community I am extremely excited to be part of the SBB Board. I'm looking forward to working with you all as we continue to develop the school while providing a safe learning environment for our students.

Mr. Terry Nichols - Ex-pat Parent Representative

Firdausi Nuzula - Indonesian Parent Representative Hello! My name is Firdausi Nuzula. I am the mother of two children who study at SBB. I had 14 years of experience as a teacher, of which 13 years at SBB. In addition, I was also a national facilitator for teachers in NTB. I am currently Chairwomen of Batu Hijau Family Residents Organization (IKANURA). My interests are education, social, women empowerment, and children's development. It’s been an honor to be part of the SBB Board. I look forward to contributing to the success of SBB in achieving its vision and mission

Murray Hodgson - Ex-offico, Head of School I am delighted to work with the SBB Board, as we to continue to develop the school and provide the best learning environment for our students. I am grateful to the Board members for their time and commitment to our lovely school. Together in partnership with parents and SBB staff the Board will help us realise our mission of successful learning for all.